Faculty and Staff Quarterly Awards
2018-2019 School Year

Quarter 2
Nicole Hajcak – RR Superstar!

Mrs. Hajcak did a wonderful job completing multiple re-evaluation reports, including a functional behavior assessment, during Quarter 2!
Fran Collevechio – Paraprofessional of the Quarter!

Mrs. Collevechio demonstrated flexibility and leadership throughout the 2
nd quarter. She is an asset to our district!

Kristen Santey – Special Educator of the Quarter!
K Santey
Ms. Santey has worn many hats throughout the 2
nd quarter! She has voluntarily taken on some of the Emotional Support workload as we look for a new teacher.

Quarter 1
Caitlin McArdle – RR Superstar! 
Mrs. McArdle 
did a wonderful job completing multiple re-evaluation reports within the 1st quarter of the school year.

MaryAnn Krajnak – Paraprofessional of the Quarter! 
maryann krajnak
Mrs. Krajnak demonstrated flexibility throughout the first quarter as she
 assisted in various positions throughout the district. 

Autumn Gilbert – Special Educator of the Quarter! 
Mrs. Gilbert works seamlessly with her general education peers to provide special education services, and she has been integral in modeling effective co-teaching.