Special Education Programs
Special Education Programs



The 14 Member School Districts of the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 Provide

Special Education Programs for Special Needs Children


Allentown School District                      Catasauqua Area School District

East Penn School District                      Jim Thorpe Area School District

Lehighton Area School District               Northern Lehigh School District

Northwestern Lehigh School District       Palmerton Area School District

Panther Valley School District                Parkland School District

Salisbury Township School District         Southern Lehigh School District

Weatherly Area School District              Whitehall-Coplay School District

Carbon Career and Technical Institute   Lehigh Career and Technical Inst

Lehigh County Detention Center            Lehigh Valley Hospital Transitions

Early Intervention                                Nonpublic/Private Schools

Youth Forestry Camp

Arts Academy Charter Middle School (Salisbury Township SD)

Arts Academy Elementary Charter School (Allentown SD)

Circle of Seasons (Northwestern Lehigh SD)

Executive Education Academy (Allentown SD)

Innovative Arts Academy Charter School (Catasauqua SD)

Lincoln Leadership Academy (Allentown SD)

Roberto Clemente (Allentown SD)

Seven Generations (East Penn SD)


Questions regarding services for special needs children can be ddressed to:

Allentown, Mr. Brian Siket (484) 765-4070

Catasauqua, Ms. Shelley Keffer (610) 264-5571

East Penn, Dr. Linda Pekarik (610) 966-8354

Jim Thorpe, Mrs. Sandra Michalik (570) 325-3691

Lehighton, Mr. Mark McIntyre (610) 377-4490

Northern Lehigh, Ms. Michele Dotta (610) 767-9849

Northwestern Lehigh, Ms. Andrea Edmonds (610) 298-8661

Palmerton, Ms. Suzanne Rentschler (610) 826-7101

Panther Valley, Mr. Greg Kosciolek (570) 645-0386

Parkland, Ms. Brenda De renzo (610) 351-5559

Salisbury Township, Ms. Tracey Jacobi (610) 797-2062

Southern Lehigh, Ms. Andria Buchman (610) 282-3121

Weatherly, Dr. Catherine H. Nelson (570) 427-8681

Whitehall-Coplay, Ms. Brooke Clary (610) 439-1431

Carbon Career and Technical Institute, Ms. Elizabeth Porter (570) 325-3682

Lehigh Career and Technical Institute, Ms. Kristin Jachowicz (610) 799-1326

Early Intervention, Mrs. Allison Haverman/Mr. Matthew Marucci (610) 769-4111

Nonpublic/Private Schools, Mrs. Maryalice Grogan (610) 769-4111

Youth Forestry Camp, Mr. Dan Fisher (570) 443-0231

Arts Academy Charter Middle School, Ms. Kathleen Adolt-Silva (610) 351-0234

Arts Academy Elementary Charter School, TBD (610) 841-4560

Circle of Seasons, Ms. Elena Steidinger (610) 285-6267

Executive Education Academy, Ms. Sara Evans (610) 841-7044

Innovative Arts Academy Charter School, Mr. Doug Taylor (610) 403-2787

Lincoln Leadership Academy, Ms. Sandra Figueroa-Torres (484) 860-3300

Roberto Clemente, Mr. Damian Romero (610) 439-5181

Seven Generations, Mr. Paul Hunter (610) 421-8844


The School Districts listed above, either directly or through various other education agencies including CLIU #21 provide special education services which may be required by children with special needs.

Types of programs and services are:

(1) Academic Support

(a) Gifted Support for students identified as mentally gifted. The focus is to provide instruction beyond the regular curriculum.

(b) Learning Support for students whose primary identified need is academic learning.

(2) Life Skill Support

For students where the focus is primarily on the needs of students for independent living as well as general daily living skills.


(3) Emotional Support

For students whose primary identified need is for emotional support. The focus is primarily on behavior management.


(4) Sensory Support

(a) Deaf or Hard of Hearing for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

(b) Blind or Visually Impaired for students who are blind or visually impaired.


(5) Speech and Language Support

For students who are speech and language impaired.


(6) Physical Support

For students where the program is modified primarily to meet the need of the physically disabled student.


(7) Autistic Support

For students who are autistic. The focus is primarily to develop daily living skills.



(8) Multidisabilities Support

For students who are multihandicapped. The focus is on daily living, self help, and independent living.



Kindergarten screening activities include a review of informal social and health history, developmental areas, functional vision and hearing, and speech and language. Kindergarten screenings are held during the spring at the school district. Further screenings are conducted through the

Instructional Support Teams in each school throughout the year for any student that may be in need of special education services.

Parents who wish to request screening and evaluation for their child may do

so by contacting the principal or counselor in their child’s school building.



If you believe your child needs special education services, an evaluation will be conducted by a team. The team shall be composed of the parents, persons familiar with the child’s development, persons knowledgeable in such areas of suspected disability, persons trained in the appropriate evaluation techniques and, if possible, persons familiar with the child’s cultural background.

All information gathered through the screening and/or re-evaluation process is considered confidential under Section 438 of the General Education Provisions Act.


Preschool Children with Special Needs

Parents who have questions regarding their child’s seeing, hearing, learning, talking, moving about, manipulating objects, understanding, showing emotions, getting along with others, playing with toys, taking care of himself/herself should phone CLIU #21, which offers Project Connect, a preschool program for children with special needs. Project Connect can provide information, screening, evaluation, programs, therapy, parent

involvement, and referral to community agencies at no cost to the parent.

For further information phone the CLIU #21 at 1-800-223-4821 or





Nonpublic Schools/Private Schools

Duties owed to students with disabilities enrolled in private schools by their parents are limited to child find activities and a genuine offer of a Free

Appropriate Program of Education (FAPE) from the school district of residence. Students unilaterally enrolled in private schools by their parents have a right to participate in services; however, no private school child with a disability is entitled to any particular service or to any amount of service.