Faculty and Staff Awards
2022-2023 School Year
Semester 1

2021-2022 School Year
Semester 2
Star Special Education - Jenn Hogeland
Star Special Education Para -Becky Chuma

Semester 1

Star Special Education - Megan HIne
Star Special Education Para -Teri Yurick

2020-2021 School Year

School Year
Special Education Teacher of the Year - Zane Bachert
Zane Bachert is a learning support teacher at Panther Valley High School. He joined Panther Valley's Special Education Department at the beginning of this school year after teaching regular education history for many years. Mr. Bachert's transition from regular to special education was inspired by his desire to help students with disabilities. Many students consider him their go-to person for support. Additionally, Mr. Bachert maintains an excellent rapport with his colleagues and student families. His impact extends beyond his classroom; he currently serves as Senior Advisor to the Class of 2021 and Yearbook Advisor. He was the wrestling coach in previous years.

Paraprofessional of the Year - Kim DiBonifazio
Kim DiBonifazio is a learning support paraprofessional at Panther Valley Intermediate School. Mrs. DiBonifazio has worked at Panther Valley for 15 years. She has spent the majority of her years in 4th grade. She goes above and beyond her job duties daily to support the students and staff. She always has a positive attitude, is flexible, dependable, creative, and caring. The students look forward to having “Mrs. D” in their classes and having the opportunity to work with her. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, camping, baking, photography, crafting, gardening, and making items on her Cricut. Panther Valley is lucky to have “Mrs. D” making a difference in so many children’s lives.

2019-2020 School Year

Quarters 3 & 4

Special Educator of the Quarters - Jennifer Alberti

Jenn seamlessly transitioned into her new role as the Elementary Speech and Language Pathologist earlier this school year. In addition to her regular caseload, she provided compensatory services and helped to streamline our early intervention process.

Para of the Quarters - Mary Mantz

Mary has made outstanding contributions to our department over the years. Since the COVID-19 school closure, she has met with students on Google Meets and helped with many aspects of virtual learning. We wish Mary the very best in retirement! She will be greatly missed.

RR Superstar - Nicole Stevens

Nicole has done a phenomenal job as a first year special education teacher. She takes a lot of pride in her work and is quick to show initiative. Having her on our team this year has truly made a difference. 

Quarter 2

Special Educator of the Quarter - Marta McLaughlin

Marta never gives up on the most behaviorally challenging students. We appreciate all she does for our Emotional Support Program!

Para of the Quarter - Deb Rohling

Deb showed great adaptability when she took on a new role at our intermediate building. We are thankful for her flexibility and willingness to take on this new placement!

RR Superstar - Meredith Alabovitz

Meredith participates in the reevaluation process from the initial review of records to finalization of the new IEP. She effectively communicates with all team members to facilitate collaboration and student growth.

Quarter 1

Jennifer Maynard - RR Superstar!

Jenn, your record reviews are always accurate, complete, and on time. Thank you for your attention to detail and quality!

Fran Gulla– Paraprofessional of the Quarter!

Fran, thanks for being a team player this quarter by covering in different classrooms and helping out new members of our team. You willingness to go the extra mile has kept our department going.

Amber Forster – Special Educator of the Quarter!
a forster

Amber, thank you for covering the emotional support position at the Intermediate School. I know this was a tricky transition, but your extra effort and flexibility makes a huge difference for our students and staff.

2018-2019 School Year

Quarter 4
Nicollette Scheitrum– RR Superstar!

Ms. Scheitrum completed 5 reevaluations in April! These reports were accurate, complete and on time, which is a testament to her work ethic. She is efficient, organized, and result-oriented.

Kathy Santore & Lisa Macalush – Paraprofessionals of the Quarter!

Ms. Santore and Mrs. Macalush demonstrated flexibility this quarter by working in different classrooms to ensure that the 2019-2020 school year starts with ease. Thanks to both Ms. Santore and Mrs. Macalush for their ongoing caring and dedication to this department and the students!

Carrie Calabrese – Special Educator of the Quarter!

Mrs. Calabrese is our speech and language pathologist at the Intermediate and High Schools. This quarter, she voluntarily took on several cases at the Elementary Schooand collaborated with early intervention staff to complete many school-age transition evaluations. Her commitment has been exemplary and her hard work is an inspiration to everyone around her.

Quarter 3
Mindy McArdle – RR Superstar! 
Mrs. McArdle 
did a wonderful job completing multiple re-evaluation reports during Quarter 3! She does a thorough job on these reports and has excellent communication with parents.

Kimberly Wehr – Paraprofessional of the Quarter!

Ms. Wehr has been an integral member of the Emotional Support team at the elementary school. She has assisted in multiple crisis situations, effectively using de-escalation strategies.

Pam Hoppes – Special Educator of the Quarter!
Ms. Hoppes runs our Gifted and ELL programs. She demonstrates excellent communication, collaborating with teachers at all 3 buildings. Pam has also been a great help in administering PSSA testing in areas where additional staff were needed.

Quarter 2
Nicole Hajcak – RR Superstar!

Mrs. Hajcak did a wonderful job completing multiple re-evaluation reports, including a functional behavior assessment, during Quarter 2!
Fran Collevechio – Paraprofessional of the Quarter!

Mrs. Collevechio demonstrated flexibility and leadership throughout the 2
nd quarter. She is an asset to our district!

Kristen Santey – Special Educator of the Quarter!
K Santey
Ms. Santey has worn many hats throughout the 2
nd quarter! She has voluntarily taken on some of the Emotional Support workload as we look for a new teacher.

Quarter 1
Caitlin McArdle – RR Superstar! 
Mrs. McArdle 
did a wonderful job completing multiple re-evaluation reports within the 1st quarter of the school year.

MaryAnn Krajnak – Paraprofessional of the Quarter! 
maryann krajnak
Mrs. Krajnak demonstrated flexibility throughout the first quarter as she
 assisted in various positions throughout the district. 

Autumn Gilbert – Special Educator of the Quarter! 
Mrs. Gilbert works seamlessly with her general education peers to provide special education services, and she has been integral in modeling effective co-teaching.