Policies and Procedures



Please review the following policies and procedures developed by our partners at St. Luke's Sports Medicine, in conjunction with the Panther Valley School District.

Emergency Action Plan:
The emergency action plan for athletics is reviewed annually with coaches and staff to ensure preparedness among all members in the event of an emergency. Each plan is site-specific and should be reviewed for the specific venue.

Concussion Policy - State of Pennsylvania:
A concussion protocol is in place to ensure that student-athletes who are experiencing signs and symptoms of a concussion and/or are diagnosed with a concussion receive the most appropriate treatment for their injury. All head injuries that occur in and out of the sport setting shall be reported to an athletic trainer immediately. 

Mental Health Emergency Action Plan:
Individuals experiencing signs or symptoms of a mental health crisis shall receive the proper treatment and referral to ensure a safe management process. Individuals that have concerns of psychosocial conditions shall reach out to a school counselor, coach, or athletic trainer for assistance. 
"It's okay to not be okay" 

For questions regarding a policy or plan, please contact an athletic trainer for assistance.